About Us

ENS Consultancy was founded by Emre Şen, who served as the General Secretary of the Shopping Center Managers Platform in 2017 to provide Shopping Mall Leasing, Management Consultancy and Shopping Mall Project Development services, and holds a CSM (Certified Shopping Center Manager) certificate, which is one of the important certificates of the shopping mall sector, issued by ICSC. ENS Consulting is equipped with its founder Emre Şen and the sectoral experience of his team since 2001.

ENS Consulting aims to develop new management models by creating a dynamic perspective in the shopping mall channel of the retail sector. The mission of ENS Consulting is to develop different solutions and functional strategies that will provide maximum profit for the needs of investors and all other components of the industry.

ENS Consulting, across Turkey, including Izmir Blue Garden Mall, Istanbul Neomarin Shopping Center, Istanbul Ceylan Karavil Park Mall, Alexander Park Forbes AVM management also includes a total of twelve shopping mall, rental, optimization of public expenditures and financial advisory services. ENS Consulting continues to provide boutique services to all its projects in its portfolio with its expert central office staff.

ENS Consulting reflects all of its sectoral experience to the field in order to provide the best service with more than eight hundred tenant connections, strong regional dealer network and both field and center coordination.

ENS Consulting, which aims to continue to grow day by day without compromising its service quality; With its innovative, young and dynamic staff, it continues to work to bring a new perspective to the retail and shopping center sector and to provide maximum commercial benefit to all components of the sector.